Cannabis Edibles offer a great new way to people who want a fun and easy alternative to smoking weed.

With cannabis edibles products, it is also very easy to manage your dose of fun since the amount of THC in each product is clearly mentioned. Just try and find your personal

We currently offer gummies, which are very convenient to carry and consume, during the day or night out. Follow us for new edible options to come, in the following period.

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Atomic Wheelchair Chocolate Puck 500mg

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Atomic Wheelchair Cookies 500mg Chocolate Chip


ELEVTD – Callebaut Chocolate 320 – 480 mg


Atomic Wheelchair 1000 MG Vegan Gummy

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Atomic Wheelchair 2000 MG Vegan Gummy


Atomic Wheelchair MINI 400 MG Gummy


Atomic Wheelchair MINI 800 MG Gummy


Bliss Edibles Daydream THC Gummies – The Perfect Cannabis Treat for a Blissful Daydreaming Experience


Bliss Gummies 250mg Watermelon


Bliss Gummies 250mg Party Mix


Bliss Gummies 375 mg Party Mix


Bliss Gummies 250mg Tropical Mix

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Dames Gummies 200 mg


Bliss Sweet Escape Gummies 1080 mg


ELEVTD CBD Gummies Assorted 270 mg


Dames SOUR Gummies 200 mg