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Global Refinery offers premium-grade cannabis concentrates. Global Refinery Shatter has an amazing after taste and a great clean burn

Among concentrate lovers shatter is known as the most potent form of dabs. The highest quality of shatter features a glass-like look and amber transparency. The reason why very high-quality shatter has a glass-like look is due to the molecules that are left undisturbed during the cooling process. Controlling the amount of heat, moisture and terpenes allow for a better premium shatter end product with the perfect consistency and texture.

Each package of Global Refinery Shatter is $30.
Effects:Hybrid: happy, productive, relaxed, euphoric
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Global Refinery Shatter

Global Refinery makes premium cannabis concentrates free from any pesticides, plant matter, and all other impurities. Their Global Refinery Shatter Hybrid offers one of the most potent forms of concentrates for you to enjoy. This shatter comes in a perfect glass-like consistency with a beautiful amber color, a marking of the highest quality shatter. You can enjoy Global Refinery’s Hybrid Shatter through your favorite method of consuming concentrates whether that be dabs, vaping, or any other way.

The Hybrid Shatter is extracted from high quality hybrid cannabis strains by master craftsmen. This makes for a pharmaceutical grade shatter ready for you to enjoy.

Our Product:

  • Pharmaceutical-grade, potent shatter (Global Refinery Shatter)
  • Immediate relief
  • Free of plant matter, pesticides and other impurities
  • A little dab goes a long way

Dab usage:

  • Water bong: Apply the dab to the nail, fill water pipe with enough water, set the temperature between 500 to 700 degrees F. Take caution, don’t overheat. Take a hit through the mouthpiece. Note that the cannabinoids in your shatter are highly concentrated, which means a small amount of dab can have a strong, long-lasting effect.
  • Vape: Disconnect the atomizer from your vape’s battery. Connect the mouthpiece, apply dab and take a hit. Pull slowly so you don’t overheat the dab.
  • Health stone: Insert a health stone into your bowl, apply a small dab of shatter on top, and apply heat with a torch or heat gun to achieve combustion. Then, puff on it as you would a joint or cigarette.
  • Other methods: T waxing with a joint; hot knives.

Recommendations: Global Refinery Shatter is highly potent, so take it in moderation. Take two to four puffs first and gauge its effects. If you don’t feel anything after 45 minutes, take two more hits.

Our shatter  is pharmaceutical grade, and made by experienced master craftsmen


Global Refinery Hybrid

Dutch 47, Island Poison, Cherry Pie, Orange Cream, Banana Punch, Fortune Cookies, Guava Cake, Animal mint, Tropicana Punch, Melon Berry

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  1. Van Doren (store manager)

    All of the shatter from global refinery are top shelf for sure I have personally tried most of the options and love every one of them. I ordered all of the flavors in a 26 pack and thoroughly enjoyed each one for their own unique flavors and terps.this as well I just ordered again and would highly recommend trying these if you like shatter.

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