Try our new edible THC gummies and get high without smoking!

smoking weed is not always easy and even possible based on where and how you are. You may not want to smoke (not everybody is a smoker, there re regulations everywhere), you may want to enjoy THC without any effort and may have many other reasons.

Our edible THC gummies are the answer to all that. Since the THC value in every gummy is fixed, you can have just the right amount of fun for yourself.

We have products with different THC levels, offering you mixed fruit flavor to make it even more fun to consume.

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Atomic Wheelchair 1000 MG Vegan Gummy

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Atomic Wheelchair 2000 MG Vegan Gummy


Atomic Wheelchair MINI 400 MG Gummy


Atomic Wheelchair MINI 800 MG Gummy


Bliss Edibles Daydream THC Gummies – The Perfect Cannabis Treat for a Blissful Daydreaming Experience


Bliss Gummies 250mg Watermelon


Bliss Gummies 250mg Party Mix


Bliss Gummies 375 mg Party Mix


Bliss Gummies 250mg Tropical Mix


Bliss Sweet Escape Gummies 1080 mg


Dames SOUR Gummies 200 mg


ELEVTD Gummies Assorted 270mg/450 mg


ELEVTD Gummies Assorted 270 mg


Heavy Hitters 1250mg


ELEVTD Gummies Assorted 450 mg


Frank-n-Stein 500mg THC Gummies: Delicious and Potent Edibles